Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our First Blog!

The first blog!

OK, we’ve never run an Inn before either. But a blog?  Who’d a thought?

We purchased the Inn at the Bay and the Chateau France Property a few months ago.
We loved the Inn & particularly its location just around the corner from Beach Drive. The previous owners, Dennis & Jewly,  had completely redone the interior, so the rooms & bathrooms are nice, quiet & large compared to many B&B’s. We wanted to take it to the next level  by adding an outdoor pool, garden & events space.  The property next door was perfect. It even had a fine restaurant (Chateau France) that we could partner with.
Over half an acre right downtown!

Chateau France Update:
We were excited that Chateau France wanted to stay, they seemed like a great match for our Inn.  Our plans included fixing up the building, create some outdoor dining space, etc. They signed a lease & we celebrated with a fabulous meal there.
Then they closed. We were told the closing had to do with problems at a new location they were opening in the Bahamas.  It looks unlikely they will be able to reopen.

We will still proceed with restoring the building.  We just don’t know if it will be part the Inn, another restaurant or ? Stay tuned!

We are in the permit process with our new pool.  Freestyle Pools has been hired to create our refreshing oasis, complete with water spouts!

Tommy Todd Landscape & design is working on our new landscape design. They already came out & cleared up the site & hopefully in the next few weeks will redo our rear patio.

Roof deck & balconies:
We will be hiring a general contractor to make some improvements to the Inn and restore the former Chateau France building. We will probably need to close down late summer for a couple of months to get the messy stuff done.

We have been gradually replacing some furniture & accessories. We have new in room Keurig coffee makers, Flat screen TV’s are on their way, and more colorfull items are showing up every week.

Keep checking back.
Wilder & Bill, Innkeepers