Friday, February 26, 2016

In The Words of Chris Brown:

Who Knew That This Little City In South Florida Was About To Be The Next Big Thing For The Art Scene?!

Saint Petersburg, Florida, or as locals call it, The Burg, is located on a little peninsula mid-state and is just a quick trip away from the notorious big city of Tampa. Tampa is cool and all but really, the best place to stay and vacay in the warm and sunny state is St. Pete. The scene is so rich with artists and musicians, the streets are lined with murals and the vibe is a little more liberal than you might find on the other side of the bridge. The art community in St. Pete has taken over The Burg's streets and brought a sense of unity and beauty to downtown area, not too far from the beach!

Stay at Watergarden Inn at the Bay, and explore everything our little city has to offer!

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